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Choose from the following

Shack up
Shake your shacker
Shared Shacks
Group Shacks
Shack Subjects
Buy/Gift Strikes

Shack up

Get randomly selected to a shack with another shacker. This will be based on your checkboxes (religious, political, entertainment, any).

Feel free to talk about anything including:

  1. Movies

  2. Music

  3. Books

  4. Recipes

  5. Experiences

Shake your Shacker

You can leave your shacker with no explanation needed. You start with 3 strikes. You receive strike credit everyday at midnight. You can also vote to end the conversation. If both agree to close the shack within 24 hours, neither lose a strike and the shack is over. You can only void the chat immediately if you use a strike. You may have three shacks open at the same time. You must respond within 24 hours of a chat or you can lose a strike and get kicked out of the shack. You can get awarded a strike if the shack you left was harmful. You can buy more strikes.

Shared Shacks

See what other shacks are talking about. You will be asked if you are willing to share your shack on the app. Both sharers must agree to share. You can turn off the sharing of the shack at any point. You are only able to view these, no comments allowed.

Group Shacks

Interact with up to 8 people in a shack. This allows the option to invite friends to the shack. All rules still apply. The group shack will stay open until all members have left.

Shack Subjects

You are able to check and set preferences for your shack subjects. This makes it so you connect with people that want to discuss the same topics as you. This feature is optional. If your shacker is harassing or being harmful, you are able to report them to Share Shack.

Share Subjects can include:

  • Religion

  • Politics

  • Entertainment

  • Conspiracies

  • Crime

  • Drugs

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Conversations that contain profanity, nudity, and/or personal info will put you at risk for your account to be banned from Share Shack.